Levy amendment referendum

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A review of the levy collection process and the Summerfruit Commodity Levy Order (2014) wording identified an issue around the correct deduction of levy on exports. Following discussions with growers at the AGM earlier this year, it was agreed that the Levy Order wording should be amended to align grower and industry practice with the legislation.

To demonstrate the industry's support for the amendment, MPI requires us to conduct a referendum. It is important that you take a moment to show your support and vote.


For assistance with voting, please call the Electionz helpline on 0800 666 045. For any queries regarding the proposed amendment, please contact Marie Dawkins at marie@summerfruit.co.nz or call 04 830 0935.


What changes are being proposed and why?

Information on the reasons for the amendment, the proposed changes, how levy will be calculated and the voting process can be found here in General Information for the Ballot Paper for Summerfruit NZ Commodity Levies Order 2014 Amendment Referendum.


A message from the chairman

Over the last few months we have been talking to all our growers about the amendment we are required to make to the summerfruit levy wording. You will recall that we need to make this change to ensure all growers are paying the levy equitably. I know this is a busy time of the year for all and we would have preferred to hold this vote earlier in the season, but please do make the effort to vote. It is in everyone’s interest that the current inconsistency is cleared up and your vote to support the proposed change will achieve that. Voting is open from 19 October until 9 November, and you can vote either online or by using the postal pack you will receive. 

Voting YES in this referendum will give us your support to submit an application to amend the levy wording... please take the time to do so before 9 November.

Tim Jones 


Supporting documents and further information

General Information on the Commodity Levies (Summerfruit) Order 2014 – Details on the order and how it is implemented, including; how levy is collected and calculated, and who is exempt from paying it.

Commodity Levy Order Amendment – Article from July 2017 issue of Summerfruit magazine.

Amendment to Levy Order delayed – News item from 1 September on the Summerfruit NZ website.