Export marketing strategy

What is the ems?

The Export Marketing Strategy for Summerfruit (EMS) sets out the conditions under which the summerfruit industry operates under the Horticulture Export Authority (HEA). It was developed by Summerfruit NZ and approved by the HEA. Guidelines are set out for growers, packhouses and exporters and it is the responsibility of each participant to understand these guidelines. Everyone involved in exporting summerfruit must have a copy of the EMS.

Anyone wanting to export summerfruit must first be licensed by the HEA before they can register with Summerfruit NZ. Export registration opens on 1 September each year via the Summerfruit NZ secure portal.

All those registered for export, whether a grower, packhouse or exporter, is responsible to ensure that their staff are adequately trained in the requirements of the EMS. Where agents are contracted to provide services, registered participants must make sure that the agent is aware of, and complies with, any relevant provisions of the EMS.

Click here to view the Export Marketing Strategy for Summerfruit 2015-16.

2017-18 review

The EMS is reviewed each year before the start of the new season. The EMS for 2015-16 remains valid until it is replaced by the 2017-18 version which should be approved before the end of October. No major changes are anticipated with the exception of the potential introduction of a tiered Pacific licence.