2022 AGM

Annual General Meeting – 5 August 2022

In preparation for the 2022 Summerfruit NZ AGM, and in accordance with clause 7.7(a) of the rules, Summerfruit NZ has emailed all Producer Members to submit a declaration of their planted hectares to confirm their voting rights for this AGM. 

Therefore, all Producer Members (ie growers) intending to cast their vote at the AGM on 5 August are required to provide verifiable information of all planted hectares or part thereof of summerfruit as per clause 7.10 of the rules:

In each year each Producer Member shall provide to the Board in writing such information relating to the area of land utilised in the production of Summerfruit by the Member as the Board shall require for the purposes of establishing the Member’s voting entitlement.


Providing this information:

A.  If you completed the process in 2021

If you completed the declaration process for the 2021 AGM then you will simply receive an email asking you to reconfirm that the current information on file is still accurate. 

    • If there is no change in your planted hectares then you can use the link from the email to complete the declaration process for the 2022 AGM. 
    • If your planted hectares has changed since the 2021 declaration, you will need to complete a new declaration following the process outlined below.



B.  If you do not have a current planted hectares declaration on file at Summerfruit NZ

That is:

Your last declaration was prior to the 2020 AGM.


You have never completed a declaration for any Summerfruit NZ AGM

You will receive an email that requires you to:

❶ Complete a Summerfruit NZ Producer Member: 2022 Declaration of planted hectares


❷ Complete a Producer Member: Preferred verification method

And where necessary

❸ Provide a map(s) of planted hectares along with a completed Producer Member: Map Information form for each map.

 A planted hectares declaration information pack is available to download from the Summerfruit NZ portal go to Main menu/All Documents/Planted Hectares Declaration


Determining your planted area
According to the rules, your voting entitlement is based on planted area, not the total area of your orchard. This area does not include shelter belts, headlands, roads, etc. To determine the actual area, you can use the following formula:
Number of trees x row spacing x tree spacing ÷ 10,000 = actual planted area
Note that if you have different planting density in different blocks, you will need to calculate each area separately.


Verifying this information

Verification of NZGAP or GlobalG.A.P. information will be provided by NZGAP and the IVAs. Summerfruit NZ has engaged SGS, a recognised independent authority, to verify the maps where appropriate by ‘ground truthing’ utilising GPS technology.

GAP Certified
If you are NZGAP (or GlobalG.A.P.) registered you can provide the details of your planted area using your most recent GAP certification as the verification method. If you do not give Summerfruit NZ permission to have your planted area verified by New Zealand GAP, or the Independent Verification Agencies (IVAs), you will need to provide a map(s) of your plantings instead.

If you have planted summerfruit since your last GAP audit and you want to include those hectares in your voting entitlement, you will need to supply a map(s) of your total area indicating the new plantings.

Not GAP Certified
If you are not GAP certified then the information that is required on your map is set out in the attached Producer Member: Map information., you must also complete the Map Information Form for each map provided.


Provision of information
Your completed forms and maps must be received by Summerfruit NZ no later than 5.00pm, Thursday 5 May 2022.

If you have any difficulty completing the forms you can contact us during working hours and we will assist you.

The information should be provided either:

or if this is not possible

  • as a printed hard copy by post, but ensure you allow for the delivery timeframes of NZ Post.

To ensure that your vote counts please;

  • provide clear and accurate information, and
  • make sure you read the information in the papers attached to the email carefully.

Failure to return the declarations on time or supplying incomplete or incorrect information on your planted hectares will see your declaration voided and you will be unable to vote at the 28th Annual General Meeting.

 If you have any questions on this process, please feel free to contact either Kate Hellstrom (CE) or Roger Brownlie (Chairman).