2021 AGM

Annual General Meeting

The 27th Annual General Meeting of Summerfruit New Zealand will be held on Wednesday, 9 June in Napier and online via Zoom. To be eligible to vote at the AGM, Producer Members were required to declare their planted hectares completely, correctly and by 22 March.

Voting entitlement process

The first step in this process was compiling the Planted Hectares Declarations which determined each members' voting entitlement at the AGM. Emails to all Producer Members were sent out earlier in the year to ascertain if their 2020 declaration remained the same or if there had been a change in their planted hectares.

Completed declaration confirmation emails and/or completed declaration forms were due back to Summerfruit NZ by 22 March 2021. 

2021 Declaration forms

Now that all declarations have been received they are being checked and, once verified, a certificate indicating the number of votes the member has, will be emailed out.

More information

Further information about the AGM will be uploaded to this page and notified in Prunings. It is important that you keep informed to ensure you are able to participate in the AGM.


If you have any questions about the process please email admin@summerfruitnz.co.nz or contact Richard Palmer.