Pop Up Job Shop

Thu, Nov. 5, 2020 2:00pm — 5:00pm | Dunedin

Otago Pop up job shop

The Otago Pop Up Job Shop is being held in Dunedin on Thursday, 5 November. 

Central Otago growers and packhouse operators looking for staff are invited to register for the rescheduled Otago Pop Up Job Shop being held at the Dunedin Centre at 1 Harrop Street. The 'boutique' employment event is now being held on Thursday, 5 November, with the aim to give local employers, recruitment agencies, training providers, etc the opportunity to provide information, support and advice to jobseekers. 

MSD's Mel Warhurst, who is organising the event, sent the following message for growers.

'We will be using the Otago Pop Up Job Shop Facebook page to promote employment, training and career opportunities. If you would like an interview promoted on the page, please contact me by email.' 

Please contact Mel Warhurst with any queries by email or call 029 921 3919.

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