Summerfruit NZ Conference 2022

Jun. 9 — 10, 2021 | Queenstown

Conf22bannerforwebGreat news! We're very excited that the dates and venue for the 2022 summerfruit conference in Queenstown have been announced. Set aside 25-26 May for our conference at the Millennium Hotel in your diary, calendar, or mobile.

More details will be announced as they are confirmed via the summerfruit industry's newsletter Prunings. If you don't receive Prunings, why not subscribe now by clicking here.

We will send out the sponsors' packs early in the new year, with more details about the format and how you can support this event. If you'd like to register your interest as an exhibitor or sponsor, please contact our conference organiser, Karen McLean from Conference Makers Ltd, by email to

We're looking forward to it already!



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