SummerGreen meeting

Thu, Sep. 24, 2020 4:00pm — 5:00pm | Ettrick

Richard Mills has put together three meetings for growers during his visit next week.

The agenda is relaxed and intended to be a discussion among growers and reps, and includes:

  • key points from the benchmarking report on pests and diseases
  • any export queries that have not yet been answered
  • discussion on labour for the coming season.

The dates and venues are:

4pm Thursday, 24 September – Stephen Darlings' shed, 5133 Ettrick-Raes Junction Road, Ettrick 9572

3pm Tuesday, 22 September – 45 South packhouse, 3 Ord Road, Cromwell 9384

3pm Wednesday, 23 September – Ian Nicholls' shed, 251 Strode Road, Earnscleugh 9391


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