SummerGreen Winter Meeting - Alexandra

Thu, Jun. 9, 2022 10:00am — 4:45pm | Church Hall, Alexandra Community House, 14/20 Centennial Avenue, Alexandra

Intro session – 10am -noon

The morning will cover an introduction to the Summerfruit NZ portal and where to find important information. This session is for those who are new to the industry, as well as managers and others in the workforce that are looking to step up.


Technical session – 1pm - 4:45pm

The afternoon technical session will cover what’s new session in many of the aspects of growing fruit in the modern environment. This will include:

  • Welcome - Kate Hellstrom
  • A presentation of the research review findings, and another chance for feedback - Sally Anderson
  • Report on the local market prices at wholesale and retail - Rich Mills
  • Introduction to Find-A-Pest - Abigail Evans
  • An introduction and progress report from A-Lighter-Touch, including a progress report on the understory plantings and results of the off-label trials using Movento - Jeff Smith, Matt Carter and Paul Munro
  • Implementing environmental change in the Otago region - Libby Caldwell
  • Status update of the SFFF project comparing FOPS with other growing systems - Jill Stanley
  • Labour videos and where to find them - Kate Hellstrom
  • Meeting wrap up - Roger Brownlie

If you have any questions about the SummerGreen day or agenda, please contact Richard Mills on 021 632559 or via email.


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