Renewing our commodity levy

You may have heard that our Commodity Levy Order (Summerfruit) 2014 is due for renewal in 2020? 

It means our number one priority is consulting with growers about renewing the levy order. We are working to a very tight timeframe determined by MPI and government requirements – including a general election which must be held before 21 November next year. 

Are there any proposed changes to the levy order?

Summerfruit NZ is not currently proposing any change to the calculation method or the maximum rate of the levy. However at the recent AGM a grower asked us to consider other levy calculation methods. After looking into the options this could include:

  • paying the levy on a per hectare basis
  • paying the levy on a per kilo basis
  • paying the levy on a per tree basis
  • or retaining the current percent of value at the first point of sale method.

There are pros and cons for all methods. We look forward to exploring them with growers. Further information on the various calculation methods will be loaded onto the levy renewal section of the website soon.

Over the next six weeks we’ll be holding a series of meetings with growers in the regions. Summerfruit NZ represents all growers and every grower has a right to have a say. So we want to hear from you and your views on the levy, and talk to you about changes that are being proposed. Once we’ve considered all the points raised by growers at those meetings, we’ll have a second round of consultation meetings with growers to share the outcomes and get your views on those. 

When are the meetings?

The first meeting is happening in Blenheim the week beginning 19 August, followed by meetings in Hawke’s Bay the following week and Central Otago after that. We’ll let you know the times and places for those meetings as soon as they are confirmed.

The levy renewal ballot will follow in October this year.

So keep an eye on Prunings and these website pages over the coming weeks as more information is published.    

If you are left with any questions or you’re not sure about some of the information you’re hearing, give our Chairman Tim Jones a call (027 221 9378) or call our Chief Executive Marie Dawkins (021 460 200). 

We're looking forward to catching up with as many growers as possible in the coming months.