The renewal process

The Commodity Levy Order (Summerfruit) 2014 is due for renewal in 2020. The Levy Order is still in place for the 2019-20 season.

The updated process and indicative timeframes to renew the levy are:




i Consultation

August – October


ii Ballot

Mid October 


iii Prepare application

Nov 2019 – Jan 2020

iv Submit application for review/MPI review of application

February – August

With MPI for review
v Approval by Cabinet


vi Promulgation

October 2020


 The renewal process always takes just on a year. Several key factors are:

  • Consultation and balloting could not occur between November and February due to the season.
  • The application to the Minister must be comprehensive, a copy of the 2014 application is available.
  • Much of the post-ballot process time is with MPI and outside Summerfruit NZ control.
  • The 2020 renewal is complicated by the next election. We can only guess when this might occur but suggest it could take place anywhere between August – November 2020. This has implications for stage v above.