The independent industry review is being overseen by a Board appointed steering committee. The review was carried out over the summer and autumn months and the Board received the report in late May. The Board met and discussed the report's findings and recommendations over June.

On 1 July the Board emailed its consideration of the report and proposed option for changes to members. Initial discussions with members will be held at the AGM on 15 July and will be followed by further consultation later in the year.

October Steering committee appointed:
  • Tim Jones – 45 South
  • Trudi Webb – Webb's Fruit
  • Roger Brownlie – The Orchard
  • Kevin Paulin – Clyde Orchards
November Review process finalised 
  Appointed reviewer 
  Review designed
January Commenced interviews
March Final interviews
  Write report
May Board receives report
June Board meets and reviews report
 July Board's consideration and proposed option emailed to members
  Initial discussion to be held at 15 July AGM
August Further consultation with members