AGM voting going paperless this year

Summerfruit NZ will be implementing a new voting process at the Annual General Meeting next week which aims to speed up the voting, while reducing the environmental impact and using our resources efficiently.

New online voting system

Using an online browser voting system (Vevox), votes will be cast by members attending the AGM either in person or via Zoom. All you need is a digital device (smart phone or tablet), which can connect to the internet while at the AGM (or watching via Zoom).

The web-based platform is easy to use. Before the meeting begins simply click on the link to the site, type in your name and you are ready to go.  

As the meeting progresses through the agenda, resolutions will appear one following the other on your device screen. Choose the appropriate response (for, against or abstain) and your vote will be instantly recorded. You can change your selection by simply selecting the clear button and re-casting your vote, however, once the vote on each resolution is closed you will not be able to revisit your choice. Voting on each resolution will close before the next resolution vote is opened. 

Voting link in your email

A link to the site and instructions will be emailed out later this week to all members who registered for the AGM using the RSVP form. There will also be information available at the AGM if you forget your link, and our team will be on hand to guide you through the simple login process.

Attending AGM via Zoom

For those attending via Zoom, you will be sent a guide to using Zoom at the AGM as well as the voting link. If you are using Zoom we recommend that you run the voting system on another device, ie Zoom via tablet or computer, and voting via smart phone.

Attending AGM in person

If you have registered for conference and intend to be at the AGM, you must also return the AGM RSVP form by Friday, 4 June to to ensure you receive your voting link.

Reading material

Don't forget that the Annual Report, audited financial statements and other AGM documents are available on the Summerfruit NZ website

Have a say in your industry

We encourage you to read the documents, attend the AGM where possible (in person or via Zoom) and if you are unable to attend, ensure you give your proxy to someone who will be attending. 

Any questions relating to the Annual Report and financial statements may be submitted ahead of time by emailing

It is your industry so ensure your voice is heard, all of your views matter.