Pre-season grower survey on labour and production

In the next few days, Summerfruit NZ will be emailing growers and packhouses a short, sharp pre-season survey to gather data on this coming season. The survey is very similar to the one commissioned by Summerfruit NZ last year. The information you supply will help Summerfruit NZ plan for the challenges of the 2021-22 season, the consequent effects of these on the New Zealand market, and support the industry through difficult times as we compete with other primary sectors for limited labour and freight resources.  

This year the data you supply will feed into our business case to MPI in support of the proposed extension of the International Airfreight Capacity (IAFC) support programme for the coming summerfruit harvest season. This scheme is vital to achieve a successful export season again this year. Those of you who attended the recent Summerfruit NZ conference in Napier will recall Steve McCombie from MPI stressing the need for solid industry data to enable government agencies to support the industry, and that there will be more data required this year to secure ongoing programmes such as the IAFC. 

For those responsible for multiple properties, we will be asking you to provide cumulative data totals in the survey for all your orchards. Please note that these survey results are confidential. All data is aggregated into industry data. We assure you that all information supplied will remain confidential and that no individual's details will be identifiable in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the survey and the data use, please contact chief executive Kate Hellstrom or chair Roger Brownlie.