Sensational Summerfruit

Sensational Summerfruit: A bold plan for growth

Sensational Summerfruit is our bold plan for growth in the summerfruit industry.

At the heart of Sensational Summerfruit are five key initiatives, each with their own distinct workstream. All five streams interlock and cover the whole summerfruit industry.

  1. The consumer – delivering to the consumer healthy, flavourful fruit with quality, freshness and New Zealand provenance.
  2. New markets – new markets need to be opened, including online retail models, based on New Zealand's competitive advantage of quality fruit.
  3. Velocity through the supply chain – providing fruit to market fast, in fresher condition and in consumer-ready packs.
  4. High performance orchards – providing greater volumes of quality fruit with efficiency and greater profitability.
  5. A stronger industry – characterised by information sharing, innovation, scale and greater profitability.

Sensational Summerfruit is a strategic programme that forms the basis of our application for a Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) with the Ministry for Primary Industries. Our application outlines an investment of $16.6 million in the industry over seven years. That investment would be made up of $8 million of industry funding, $2 million of in-kind activities and $6.6 million of MPI funding through the PGP grant. 

Exciting new apricots releasedNew apricots from the Summerfruit NZ/PFR breeding programme

Sensational Summerfruit evolved from stakeholder feedback collated by independent economic consultancy the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) in 2016. In that review, those in the industry expressed their concerns about the many challenges they were facing. (Click here to see the review.) The NZIER challenged us to do things differently. They told us that the status quo just won't cut the mustard and that a paradigm shift was needed.

The core of Sensational Summerfruit was developed to respond to the threats and opportunities highlighted by the NZIER. Keep an eye on this page, which will be updated as more information becomes available.

FOPs cherry orchard 45sHigh performance orchard systems


 Sensational Summerfruit is something that the industry can celebrate.

Yes, it's a bold plan. Yes, it's exciting. Yes, it will bring change.

We look forward to starting on the journey with you.