Who can be a member of Summerfruit NZ?

There are five classes of membership under the Summerfruit NZ Constitution:

  1. Producer members: Persons who grow any summerfruit for commercial purposes, regardless of production levels, shall qualify as producer members of the society.

  2. Exporter members: Exporters who are licensed under the Horticulture Export Authority and have complied with the Export Marketing Strategy, and paid any fees imposed under these rules. Exporters are automatically members and do not need to apply for membership.

  3. Associate members: Those associated with the industry and who have an interest in the industry other than as a producer or exporter.

  4. Group associate membership: Those entities that are directly involved in the production of summerfruit may apply for a corporate membership which shall include up to three people per entity.

  5. Life member: Anyone who has rendered special services to the summerfruit industry and so appointed by the Board. Nomination for life members shall be called for annually by the Board.