Handpicked campaign

thumbnail Hand pickedCrewVerysmlEveryone at Summerfruit NZ has been working extra hard on the labour shortage crisis affecting the industry. We acted quickly and surveyed growers and packhouses to understand the extent of the problem and then made a plan to ensure the industry has the best possible access to the seasonal workers available in New Zealand.

Much of the work has been carried out behind the scenes raising awareness of the problem with the Government, its agencies and other members of the horticultural sectors. Our work has contributed to shape government policy and helped build new relationships that enabled us to achieve results far greater than you'd expect from our size and resources available.

You may not have seen all the things we've been doing to promote seasonal summerfruit jobs, so here's a sample of what we've been doing to drive jobseekers to the Work the Seasons website.


thumbnail Hand pickedCrewVerysml


University student magazine adverts

Summerfruit magazine advert

University Facebook post

University FB post image

Opportunity Grows Here Facebook post

Facebook post MPI 240920

NZUniCareerHub +
University of Waikato MyCareer

Summerfruit seasonal work promotion reaching
over 250,000 students and graduates across NZ

Radio advert - click on the radio to hear it!



Handpicked flyers

Handpicked flyer Page 2


Handpicked banners

Qtn job event web

Job expos in Balclutha, Otago University,
and Queenstown

Job expo


Numerous interviews on radio, print and tv

Seasonal Labour Coordinator

Currently advertising for this new role to help attract, support and retain horticulture and viticulture seasonal workers

Seasonal employee information/Employer charter

Click here to see what to expect when working on a summerfruit orchard or packhouse
and click here to see what is expected of employers

Seasonal employment discussion

Here's a link to watch GoHort's Chelsea Donnelly and former summerfruit seasonal worker Jacob Coombes
talking about working in an orchard over summer

MPI Opportunity grows here/Handpicked campaign

Digital campaign from 22 October to end of January, targeting 18-29 year olds nationwide

MPI Take your pick dark


And we're not done yet. Later this week new digital media adverts will be popping up on New Zealand's electronic devices and pointing jobseekers to the Work the Seasons website, so make sure your vacancies are listed.

Our thanks to MPI, MSD, GoHort, NZUniCareerHub, CODC and Fruitgrowers' Associations who support the seasonal work campaign.