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Biosecurity business pledge

Summerfruit NZ has taken the biosecurity business pledge under ‘This Is Us’, the biosecurity brand formed as part of the Biosecurity 2025 programme. The biosecurity pledge was launched on 31 October 2019 by the Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister for Biosecurity and MPI officials. 

Under this pledge, Summerfruit NZ is committed to playing our part as a support organisation in the efforts to prevent pests and diseases from getting into New Zealand or helping to stop the spread if they arrive our country. Our pledge is to be an active part of New Zealand’s biosecurity team of all New Zealanders by integrating proactive biosecurity practices into our operations and supply chain. 


Pledge signing










Photo: Biosecurity and export manager Juan Rosales signs the pledge on behalf of Summerfruit NZ while the Minister looks on.



Summerfruit NZ has been involved in a collaborative group working on the development and rollout of the Find-A-Pest app.  Summerfruit NZ staff are also part of the team that triage the incoming observations and assist in identifying pests.

The app allows anyone to easily snap a photo and send in observations of any potential pest. By improving the monitoring of pests, we can improve the knowledge as an industry of the spread and incidence of pests that cause harm to production and our natural environment. The app also has excellent fact sheets to help others learn more about what pests to look out for.

Download the app today from the Find-A-Pest website.