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Samurai wasp EPA application

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is one the biggest biosecurity threats facing New Zealand and is frequently intercepted at our borders. It has the potential to cause significant economic damage to the horticulture industry and to home owners due to its invasive nature.

The BMSB Council made an application to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to release the Samurai wasp to help combat a BMSB incursion should one be found in New Zealand.

Following approval from the EPA, the Samurai wasp (Trissolcus japonicus) can now be used to fight BMSB in the event of an incursion. 

The BMSB represents one of the highest risk biosecurity threats to New Zealand. A few weeks ago, several industry groups including Summerfruit NZ, made an application to introduce the Samurai wasp as a biocontrol agent for this pest and a decision on this request was reached late August. According to EPA’s decision, the Samurai wasp may only be released in New Zealand after a stink bug invasion has been detected, and only at the location of the incursion. This is an extremely important achievement for horticultural industries and will be a very important tool in preparation for the effective and sustainable management of a potential BMSB incursion.

Samurai wasp with BMSB eggs

Further information

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