Pest and disease fact sheets

Fact sheets

While summerfruit are susceptible to a number of pests and diseases already in New Zealand, many more exist beyond our shores. Being aware of these threats and knowing how to report them will help the industry respond quickly and prevent them from becoming established. Thirteen pests and diseases have been identified as summerfruit's most unwanted and published in a handy poster reference guide. 

More detailed information to help identify these high priority threats is available to read or download in the following fact sheets. 


Asian brown rot 

SNZ Bio FS AsianBrownRot Dec23  

Brown marmorated stink bug 



European brown rot 

SNZ Bio EuroBrownRot Dec22


European cherry fruit fly 

SNZ Bio FS EuroCherryFruitFly Dec23


Mediterranean fruit fly 

SNZ Bio FS MedFruitFly Dec22


Oriental fruit fly 

SNZ Bio FS OrientalFruitFly Dec22


Peach fruit fly 

SNZ Bio FS PeachFruitFly Dec22


Peach twig borer 

SNZ Bio FS PeachTwigBorer Dec22


Phony peach disease 

SNZ Bio FS PhoneyPeachDisease Dec22


Plum curculio 

SNZ Bio FS PlumCurculio Dec22 

Queensland fruit fly  

SNZ Bio FS QldFruitFly Dec22


Sharka disease 

SNZ Bio FS SharkaDisease Dec22


Spotted wing drosophila

SNZ Bio FS SpottedWingDrosophila Dec22