Protecting our summerfruit industry from biosecurity threats

Biosecurity is an incredibly important area for Summerfruit NZ.

The aim of our biosecurity role is to minimise the impact of biosecurity threats specific to summerfruit. This can be achieved through effective readiness and response activities coordinated with government, industry sectors and the community. Understanding the high-risk pests and diseases that potentially threaten our industry and raising awareness among our growers are essential components to achieve this goal.


Biosecurity strategy 2018

As signatories to the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for biosecurity readiness and response, Summerfruit NZ is a partner with the Crown and shares the decision-making, responsibilities and costs of preparing for, and responding to, biosecurity incursions. By working in partnership industry and government will achieve better biosecurity outcomes.

Our biosecurity strategy (seen here as a poster) was developed with the vision of having a New Zealand summerfruit industry protected from biosecurity threats.