Biosecurity has always been of the utmost importance to the summerfruit industry.

Over a ten-year period Summerfruit NZ was actively involved in the development of GIA and the final version of the Deed of accession. Growers were kept informed throughout extensive discussions and the process highlighted for Summerfruit NZ, their deep concerns about biosecurity and their desire for more robust systems to be implemented. Growers were also strongly supportive of industry being involved in decision making around biosecurity.

An application to sign the Deed was submitted to the MPI by Summerfruit NZ was approved, and the Deed was signed on 14 September 2017. Subsequently Summerfruit NZ has became a party to the Fruit Fly Operational Agreement and the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Operational Agreement.

Recently Summerfruit NZ made an application to the Minister for Primary Industries to implement a Biosecurity Levy to fund the industry’s commitments under GIA. We are currently awaiting a decision by the Minister.