Market access

Our market access work

Market access is a long end game. Nothing moves fast enough nor reflects the effort involved, and the negotiations take perseverance and patience. However, we do have an active market access programme that falls into three categories.





New markets

Opening up markets that we don't currently have access to

ii. Maintaining access to existing markets Fighting to maintain or regain access to a market where the import or phytosanitary conditions have changed, affecting our ability to export there
iii. Improving access to existing markets Seeking better conditions for export by challenging the requirements of importing countries



The 2022 summary of the Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPRs) for all summerfruit crops from 61 markets, can be found here.

Of the 61 ICPRs based on the ICPR interpretation, cherries have access to 57 markets, apricots have access to 54 markets, nectarines and plums have access to 53 markets, and peaches have access to 52 markets.

A full list of current ICPRs published by MPI can be found here.