Central Otago labour survey

CO Labour Survey Report imageA new report on labour issues facing Central Otago's horticulture and viticulture sectors indicates slowing growth, big increases in grower-supplied accommodation, and dramatic workforce changes from closed borders.  The report is based on surveys and interviews with horticulture and viticulture growers during August and September 2021.

The report pre-dates the demand and changed labour market conditions that are showing this summer through staff shortages.  The report also shows that previous growth in plantings has been supported with increased accommodation provision and more permanent roles in the industry.  Lastly, the report indicates that there are plans for 341 hectares of new horticulture plantings in the next four to five years, which represents a 15% increase in the area planted.

The report’s recommendations include the need to increase the Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) cap; offer staff wellbeing workshops, advocate for continued government investment in training, and work with the Ministry for Social Development (MSD) on providing bespoke training programmes.

Read the full report here.