Fruit picking's a solid second for students

A recent article entitled Working in the Sun: Top Jobs to Get Cause Rent’s Still Due in January published in Critic (Otago University student magazine) saw fruit picking reach second place in a not so serious list of summer jobs for students.

The work was described as 'like going camping in Central Otago except you don’t know the people camping with you, and instead of going kayaking or abseiling you’re picking cherries and peaches'.

During his research, author Jack Gilmore was told fruit picking is 'the closest type of work to going on holiday, so if you want to have a break from the harsh realities of the world, this is totally the job for you'.

'The pay’s okay with the apparent ability to get bonuses. Your housing is often supplied by the company and you get to be out in the sun all day in the most scenic parts of the country, and probably even the world. Again, it’s like camping! What could be better? The work is often labour intensive but I mean you don’t have to be here. Also ladders! I love climbing ladders and you get to do it.' 

Other 'top jobs' in the list included retailing in third place and drug-dealing in fourth. Taking top place was being rich and not having to work. Fair enough.