Kate's Update

2016 02 04 17.41.33

This year's Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) conference, "Voices of the Pacific", brought together Pacific and New Zealand Government Ministers and officials, RSE employers and horticulture industry groups to celebrate 15 years of the RSE scheme.

The three-day event, which was held last week in Wellington, provided an opportunity for all those involved in the RSE scheme to explore together how the scheme might be improved. 

A variety of speakers, representing all perspectives, discussed issues such as pastoral care, the planned New Zealand Government policy re-set and setting of the cap, accommodation issues, and how the scheme can continue to deliver benefits to participating Pacific nations and to New Zealand. 

We heard heart-warming stories about some RSE workers and their positive experiences. We also heard valid challenges about how the scheme can be improved.  

The Industry Collective – comprising the key groups involved in the scheme – will continue to work closely with New Zealand Government officials and others as the policy re-set gets underway.  We will work to ensure that the RSE scheme continually improves, is culturally aware, industry-led and government enabled, for the benefit of all. I’ll keep you updated.