Mental health and wellbeing resources

Stress & reslience under pressure podcast

Gilbert Enoka has a long history of success as a mental skills coach with New Zealand’s corporate and sporting elite, and is internationally renowned for his 19 year history with the All Blacks, first as their mental skills coach and now as manager. 

As you can imagine, he knows a lot about stress and resilience under pressure.

The good folk at NZKGI have kindly shared a podcast they produced here featuring Gilbert Enoka speaking about ways to improve mental skills. 

Topics on the 30 minute long podcast include:

  • the nature of stress under pressure situation
  • resources vs resourcefulness
  • why structure is king
  • why your mindset is more important than your skillsets
  • how to build resilience using activities you enjoy
  • quick tips to get things looking up from this moment on.

With the added stresses of everyone working under Alert Levels 3 & 4 it is timely to work on mental fitness, however the tips given are useful for pressure situations outside of Covid-19 too.

Wellbeing webinar with JK

In early September, Sir John Kirwan and Dr Fiona Crichton led an interactive session on how to support staff and colleagues with their mental wellbeing. Thanks to organisers NZAPI, this webinar is now available to summerfruit growers.

Click here to watch it.