Our social media campaign – mid season review


SNZ Socials Cartoon image 002A consumer-focused Summerfruit NZ educational campaign targeting domestic consumers of summerfruit is currently underway on social media.  The campaign evokes the nostalgia of a classic Kiwi summer, seasonal freshness and harnessing the taste of summer.  This campaign will raise awareness and encourage the purchase of summerfruit in supermarkets nationwide at key times across the current season.


The paid social content – the images of fruit doing summer activities like camping and swimming – is seen by a much broader audience than our own social media followers. The audience that the campaign is targeting is people in urban areas, main household shoppers aged between 35-55, young families or professional couples with an interest in food (healthy food and recipes).  



Combined with this, several influencers are posting recipes showcasing fresh and delicious summerfruit in season.  Audience impressions (the number of times our content was on screen) has increased from 440k in the first post to nearly 700k in the latest post.  The campaign will continue until the end of February.

Look out for the campaign on Summerfruit NZ’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.  Summerfruit NZ Instagram and Summerfruit NZ Facebook