Research for 2020

Jack Hughes, our new research and development manager, has provided a brief summary of the R&D projects we will be working on with Plant & Food Research during the year. 


Leader and researchers


Final report due in 2020

Benchmarking of SummerGreen programme

Peter Lo

  • Analysis of agchem use patterns.
  • ID of seasonal issues.
  • Agchem use and resistance management guidelines.

31 July

Cherry pollination

Max Buxton

  • Develop a pollen dose response curve for (self-compatible) Staccato.
  • Estimate number of bee visits required for successful pollination.
  • Put result into context with current literature.

30 June

Suppression of fungal and bacterial diseases

Phil Elmer, Virginia Marroni, Peter Wood

  • CO: Evaluate two post-harvest cherry biofungicides.
  • CO: Assess and identify ‘dry’ and canker-like lesions in new cherry orchards.
  • HB: Determine sensitivity of wild brown rot strains to a new fungicide and monitor effectiveness of a new resistance management programme in late season peaches.

30 Sept

Apricot evaluation

Jill Stanley, Claire Scofield

  • Harvest and post-harvest evaluation of elite selections (two harvest dates x three storage intervals for five selections).
  • Propagation of trees (two selections x two tree forms – FOPs & ML).

30 June

Research scholarship

Jill Stanley, Michael Hutton

  • Light relations (interception and distribution) of planar cordon growing systems.
  • Suitability of new apricot selections for the Asian market.

31 March


Jack is looking forward to sharing the results of this work as it comes through.