Resistance testing of brown rot chemistry

20180509 122311

Following conference there has been a renewed interest in testing brown rot infected fruit and wood. The industry is continuing to see failures in control and needs assurance that the chemistry being used is still working. Summerfruit NZ’s Richard Mills is co-ordinating the sampling and protocols and reminds people that it needs to be done now in order to have an informed approach to spraying for next season.

If you want to know more please contact Richard by email to for the cost of lab work and to discuss the sampling protocols. This needs to happen asap as delay will mean that we can't know block status until after the spraying season.

Brown rot action plan

A new tool for growers was released at the conference – the Brown rot action plan. This handy wall chart is an action plan for brown rot control and presents the 14 point plan in a helpful new format. Copies of the wall chart are being sent out to all growers over the next couple of weeks.