Hawke's Bay grower meeting on TANK plan change

Growers are invited to attend a meeting at Twyford School hall to discuss the proposed plan on Monday, 22 June at 7pm. HortNZ's planning consultant, Charlotte Drury, will facilitate the meeting and says that although she will 'start the meeting with a brief presentation, the main purpose of the meeting is to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and provide us with your feedback about the proposed plan, and provide a forum for discussion, so that we can ensure that HortNZ’s submission reflects the views of growers as best we can'. 

Extension to submission period

Submissions for the TANK plan change were initially supposed to close on Friday, 3 July however, Hawke's Bay Regional Council has decided to extend the submission period – giving an extra six weeks, with the closing date now being Friday, 14 August 2020. This is good news, as it gives us all a bit more time to get our heads around it, and also provides more time for discussion, which is really helpful, given how stressful things have been, and continue to be, for many people, particularly those trying to deal with issues related to both Covid-19, and the drought. 

Hawke's Bay Regional Council presentation

The Council held a virtual grower meeting in late May and gave a presentation on the proposed changes that may be useful. To see the presentation click here

The Council's website has a considerable amount of information about the plan change if you want to find out more.