Summerfruit a great alternative to apples, says Summerfruit NZ

New Zealanders unable to get apples might like to try summerfruit, which is plentiful and in the shops right now.

 ‘New Zealand-grown summerfruit – peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and cherries – are in season now,’ says Summerfruit NZ Chief Executive, Kate Hellstrom.

 ‘This year’s summerfruit is of high quality and is great tasting, thanks to good growing conditions. Summerfruit is a great alternative to apples, which it has been reported are in short supply as the new domestic apple season hasn’t started yet.

 ‘If people can’t get apples, we’d like to suggest that they try some summerfruit, as they are also grown in New Zealand and the season for fresh summerfruit is short.

 ‘What’s more, summerfruit are good for you and taste great. They can be used in all sorts of summery dishes or just enjoyed on their own.’